Human beings are creatures of habit and we get a great deal of comfort from routine, so why then should we attempt to change it.
This will be discussed later in the article.
Habits may also be termed rituals and patterns of behaviour that allow one to carry out everyday activities or routines without thinking why.
The reason for returning to old habits so often is due to neural pathways established which are not deleted.

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The Vaue in Giving

The Vaue in Giving

Unconditional giving requires no sense of self benefit, not only at celebratory times but when ever the need arises.

Giving should be part and parcel of the human spirit, not rewarding oneself or seeing this as some grand sacrifice, but rather a noble deed.

In fact, a man’s true wealth is the good he does in this life and that no one has ever become poor by giving.

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Post Christmas Blues

Post Christmas Blues

The week after Christmas can leave one in limbo, an awkward in-between kind of time. After all, did one not plan for the season weeks in advance for the ambience of joy and togetherness and it all comes to an abrupt halt.  No wonder many vow and swear never to get caught up with the madness again, but fortunately there are 11 months ahead to “get over it”!

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Considering New Year resolutions

Considering New Year resolutions

New year resolutions have been in existence for over 4000 years and so too has been the act of breaking them by the onset of Easter mainly due to lack of perseverance, willpower and motivation.
If resolutions are intended to increase our personal desires and pursuit of pleasure these can be associated with hedonism.
Considering what lies ahead, some think that happiness is unattainable, elusive but in fact is not random, rather attributed to deliberate choices and activities.

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